How to Use Arena Simulation Queuing (ASEQ)

The first question I get asked by new players is what does Arena Simulation Queue (ASEQ) be. ASEQ is an automated process that guides new arena players to get around, and is an important tool to help arena players get their footing in the game.

Arena Simulation Queue starts with two questions; a player’s character build, and his or her character levels. The class of a player’s character determines how he or she enters the arena. A system called ASEQ automatically picks up that information from the servers and puts it in the correct setting to be used for the arena queue.

Every player can be assigned a role and can be assigned to a role at any time during game play. ASEQ determines the right class to play based on that player’s role.

There are two roles. The first is the “Enforcer” that helps to control other players so they will follow the “guardian” (the healer or tanks) that heals, buffs, or just generally keeps the enforcer alive and going.

The second role is “Blaster”, which is where the ASEQ system works to figure out how to best use your abilities in a battle. The “blaster” takes aim, shoots, and fires the gun to go and get the enemy. The healer and the tanks move in for the kill.

For example, an ASEQ will look at a Russell that is equipped with two alts (as many as possible), a high powered gun (high damage output), and a healer. It will determine that Russell will work best as an enforcer, since he has high damage output, and that he has high energy (he will be needing energy to activate his guns).

The healer is then matched with a player that is a “shield” (Tank) and will be able to use the shield to keep the other players from getting anywhere near the tank. Russell and the healer are ready to go in and fight. ASEQ knows this, and they work together to fight off the enemies, and survive long enough to continue the game.

Using ASEQ gives players the freedom to use all of their abilities without having to rely on anyone else. The system gets the information from the servers and it works to find the most effective set of abilities.

While this seems like a huge advancement in the arena simulation game, there is a little problem. If a person is doing well, ASEQ does not know that, so it never sends him or her a proper “prepare for battle” message. You need to use the ASEQ command to tell it that you are ready.

In other words, if you are a low level player, you do not want to sit and wait for a higher level player to tell you that you are ready. It will take some time before you get in the game, but once you do, you will notice that you can simply do a “starve” (starving in the event you do not have enough energy to use your abilities) and your ASEQ will be able to tell you when you are ready to go in.

ASEQ can be a little glitchy, though. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get everything to work the way you would like it to. ASEQ may seem to do a better job if it works with a person that has a lot of energy.

Skills and talents have no affect on Arena Simulation Queuing, so a new player can choose whatever they want. Since it is an automated process, you can even tell ASEQ to only send the combat messages to you, if you so choose.